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swaggity swules who needs rules

1. Where/What is your favorite place to be when you want to be alone?
i actually dont have a set place right now. i like to be in the woods though,
in a glade or a clearing, with some nice rocks to sit on.

2. What is your idea of fun with friends?
getting into deep, meaningful conversations at 3am. also, playing interactive games like dungeons and dragons and creating worlds of ideas together.

3. If you could fly, would you hide it from society or risk exposure for

screw society i would break that shit so fast everybody would get wiplash tryin to follow me. honestly, i would start a flight academy. if it was more than just me who could fly, that is. if it was just me i might keep it on the dl and only let certain people know about it. by giving them heart attacks of course c;

4. What would you name your child/children? (If you plan to have any,

names come when a person/being etc has been realized, or atleast the concept has been realized. so i cant really name someone/something until i understand them in their essence.

5. Ideal wedding? (I’m running out of ideas already :p)
lilacs, springtime, sunlight. i dont really have a set picture, just vague
impressions. but you can be damn well sure there will be a cookie table.

6. Do you prefer the: tsundere, senpai, shota/loli, aloof/cool, playboy,
childhood friend, or etc. type AND why?
hmmm i guess i could say the aloof/cool type but also the senpai type?? because i do the whole aloof thing and im cool thats why. [slips on shades][waltzes away]

7. Pick a song that you think describes you(or how you feel) or your situation right now.
i would pick it’s time by imagine dragons, because it feels like my life is
only just beginning all over again. like a new chapter is starting. an important one, one in which i shape my future with lasting effects.

8. Pick an element to bend(control): Earth, Water, Fire, or Air. Tell me why.
ahh ive always hated having to choose between four, because there are so many more wonderful elements out there and its just too narrow. i’m an electrokinetic by nature, and feel my affinity in the energy coursing through every aspect of the world.

9. Do you ethicnically identify yourself as American?
i would say yes. i was born and raised american, and the american culture is enough of a menagerie that it encompasses the bits and pieces that my family (great-grandparents in particular) had brought over from pre-america times.

10. Most important question: I’m hungry, what would you make me to eat?
something delicious most definitely. right now i could totally go for some
sweet potato gnocci with brown butter sage sauce. yumm ah im hungry just thinking about it! and it’s ridiculously easy to make too. win win all around!

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